How To Prepare For A New Pet?

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Getting a new one home?

YAY! Congratulations!!!

It doesn’t matter if it is a puppy, cat, kitten, a fully grown adult dog or an exotic
animal. Welcoming any one of them can be overwhelming,
especially if this is your first time.

Here’s a small guide that will help you prep yourself and your home.

1. Keep away sharp objects.

Remember pets are new to your place and they still don’t know their way around. Sharp objects, showpieces and other fancy item may either harm them or they might break them in excitement.

Sharp Objects

2. Remove Toxic plants.

Pets have a habit to smell and nibble whatever comes their way. Avoid keeping plants that have thorns or are piousness for animals to avoid any mishaps and tragedies.

Toxic Plants

3. Plan their potty.

Decide first hand where their toilet space will be. If you have a yard, that would work for the best. If you plan to take them outside, plan the activity accordingly. Take them out on a leash on a set time and let them explore. Be prepared to clean up plenty of messes but don’t worry! It all becomes worth it.

Potty Planning

4. Pet Stuff.

THIS IS A MUST.  You cannot get a pet without getting their stuff. Make sure you are well prepared with their basic necessities like
1. Bowl
2. Pet food
3. Leash
4. Pee- pads in case of a puppy or a kitten
5. Medicines

Pet Stuff

5. Tags.

Get a small name tag engraved along with your details at the back in-case they tend to get lost.


6. Get a vet’s appointment

Just getting a pet home doesn’t really work. Like a human child, pets also need vaccines. Get a vet’s appointment and get them dewormed and vaccine for a happier and healthier life.


7. Grooming

Grooming, as essential it is for humans, so it is for animals. You can groom them either at your home taking care of
– Nail cutting
-Hair trimming
-Ear and teeth cleaning.
OR you can book a grooming session with professional groomers to take care of this.


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