Pet Grooming

Pet Grooming
Schedule and book—all online
All you have to do is pick a day and time
Pet Groomer brings the equipment
Professional pet groomer comes to your doorstep
No travel stress for your pets
Grooming service happens in your home
Groomer cleans up
You're all set!

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How does Pawcare Grooming Service Work?

Pet groomers with professional experience will groom your pet from the comfort of your own Home and Time. Choose from a list of available slots, and you’ll get matched with the best professional groomer and pet stylist who will arrive at your home according to your selected time slots. The pet professional will bring tools and accessories required to complete the grooming. They will also clean up the area which they use during the pet grooming session.

Can I Book a specific Groomer?

Based on the information, groomer availability and the grooming service you’re looking for your furr baby, we will match you with a pet groomer. All groomers on Pawcare have professional grooming experience of more than 3+ years in grooming and have passed an enhanced background check.

Can I re-book the same Pet Groomer again?

Yes absolutely! You can choose the available appointment time slots with a specific groomer after they’ve groomed your pet at least once. If that groomer is not available at your preferred day and time, you can still see other available appointment times with the same groomer or other groomers.

What is the cancellation policy?

In order to receive a full refund, grooming appointments must be canceled at least 4 hours before the day of the grooming service for your pet.

Should I leave a Tip? How do I Leave One?

We recommend leaving a 20% tip for your groomer, who will receive 100% of the tip amount. You can leave a tip for your pet groomer after the service.

What do I need to Provide the Pet Groomer?

Bathroom, Balcony or Terrace for large dogs.
A well-lit area for hair cuts that has access to power outlets for blow-drying.
Two dry towels (if your pet uses any specific ones).