BOLTZ Bird Food for Budgies – Mix Seeds, Medium, 1200 g

SKU: 8904358600283


HIGH QUALITY : Perfect nutritional food for your Budgies to keep them healthy and active.
NO CHEMICALS : Boltz ensures the highest quality, 100% natural food for your budgies.All the seeds are varied as per season to provide fresh seeds for Budgies.No preservatives and colorants.
BEST FOR BREEDING : Boltz budgies food contains Imported Oats which is useful for good conditioning and breeding of Budgies.
GOOD FOR SKIN : Excellent for Budgies Skin and Feather health.Balanced food for everyday feeding.
HIGH IMMUNE SYSTEM : Boltz Budgies food contains the important vitamins and nutrients which help to improve immune system of your Budgies.

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