Boltz Rawhide Pressed Dog Chew Bone, (Medium 5-inch Size) 500 gm

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PURE NATURAL DOG CHEW BONE: BOLTZ dog chew bones are made up of pure natural ingredients.
NO CHEMICALS:There are no chemicals used at all in manufactirung process.It is healthy and natural treats for your friend.
HIGH PROTEIN WITH EXTRA CALCIUM : BOLTZ rawhind chew bones contains higher level protein compared to other products with extra calcium added during preparation to satisfy dogs calcium needs.
REDUCE ACIDITY IN DOGS MOUTH & MAKE TEETH STRONG: BOLTZ rawhide bones reduces acidity in dogs mouth and it helps to prevent dogs from tarter & plaque.Chewing of bones makes dog teeth strong and fulfills dogs natural habit of chewing too.
MAKE IN INDIA : It is manufactured in India and supplied fresh.

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