Dux Chicken Chunks With Tuna Red Meat in Gravy For All Age Cats, 85 Gms- Pack of 6

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Chicken Chunks with Tuna Red Meat in Gravy is a healthy treat for your pet. Physical benefits with nutritional benefits of chicken including Protein & calcium.

Product Detail:
With nutritional benefits of gravy food for all ages/breeds of cats
Chicken flavor proves ideal for almost all cats
Rich in essential minerals with calcium & protein to strengthen the bones and joints
Antioxidants for boosting the Immunity of the cats

Ingredients and Nutritions:
Gravy Solution 74.41%, Reform Meat chicken 13.82, Topping Reform Meat Chicken 11.77%
Modified Tapioca starch, Reformed Meat Chicken (Chicken carcass, tuna red meat)-high-quality ingredients to provide great love & uniqueness of taste.

Features and Benefits:
Give your kitten the best Nutrition diet for Growth and a healthy Immune system.
ii. Feeding your cat a palatable diet with taste, texture, and smell for long-term acceptance.
iii. CAT CHICKEN CHUNKS GRAVY WITH TUNA RED MEAT Can be mixed with DUX NUTRI FORMULA® dry Kitten/Cat food, any other treat, or home-cooked food.
Chicken chunks with Tuna Red Meat in Gravy (Original Choice): For All Ages of Kitten/Cat is a complete, balanced diet food
Serve a bowl of DUX NUTRI FORMULA® chicken chunks to your loving PET
Keep him healthy & happy.
A complete diet for your pet in the Kitten Food category.
Chicken Chunks in Gravy offers all goodness of a Kitten’s needs.

Feeding and User Guidelines:
Always Keep Fresh water while serving.


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