Waggy Zone Ice-Cream Mangifera & Cheese Pineapple



Waggy Zone Ice-Cream Mangifera & Cheese Pineapple


Do you feel guilty that you can’t share your Ice Cream with your pooch? Well, no more because Waggy Zone Present’s India’s FIRST EVER Ice Cream & Ice Cream Premix for Dogs. Did you know most dogs are lactose intolerant and sugar is extremely harmful for t”&”hem? Hence Waggy Zone has created Above – Human – Grade Ice Creams for dogs with natural & dog-friendly ingredients. It contains no milk, no sugar! Your dogs are not restricted to vanilla ice cream (which is also not good for them) but now have a Frozen T”&”reat, exclusive Crafted for Dogs. Go on hit the buy now button and the smiles your dog is going to give you in return, is going to be priceless! How do you make the Ice Cream? In 3 Super easy steps! 1.Add water to the brim of the tub 2.Freeze it for 4 to “&”5 hours 3.Remove the ice cream from the tub and serve it to your pooch. Sit back and enjoy the precious smile your doggo gives after eating our product! Share the goodness of Waggy Zone to your friends, family and every doggo you know of! Now you can make”&” doggy Cheese Spread in 3 simple steps! 1st add water (approximately 10ml), 2nd stir it well and 3rd add some of your love and feed your fur baby in your own creative ways . These Cheese Spreads are made from Cheese Powder & natural fruit powder

india’s First Ice Cream & Cheese for Dogs, Now in a Premix Form.Ingredients: Natural Fruit Powder Coconut Milk Powder Plant Based Binding Agents, Cheese Powder, Natural Rosemary Fruit Powder

How to Use: Add 100 ml of water to 35 gms of InstaMix powder Stir it Well Freeze the mixture for 4-5 hrs A guilt free treat for your dog is ready.USP: No Added Preservatives Super Healthy Treats Dairy free Tummy Relaxing


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